How rehab centres are making this world more peaceful.

Every rehab centre has a team of doctors, nurses and therapists that together take care of the patients trying their best to help the patients. So what sets apart a luxury rehab centre from a rehab centre. It is the promise to make you feel at home, to give you your own space by not making you feel like a drug addict and above all the flexibility to treat every patient differently catering to his/her needs.

A rehab centre works best ifit’s a residential rehab. At a luxury rehab, the admitted patients are treated with the utmost care, knowing that the taste of every client is different and handling them in the same way. The staff is well trained to satiate the ego and negativity that accompanies the patient. The expert medical team is guided thoroughly by consultant psychiatrists.

The goal is to provide an ace environment for treatment. For that, engagement of the patient with the programs is a basic necessity. And we understand that, therefore encourage patients, if it helps to enhance the treatment, to work/play while keeping a tab on the boundaries. The medical team helps the patient through an intensive medical programme and the psychiatrists’ team helps the patient through therapeutic programmes along with other complimentary programmes.
Also, the growing technology is our comrade. We have affiliations with world renowned neuro-research centres and take full advantage of their cognitive studies and use them to exert the brain to fight the addiction.

The luxury rehab centre treats the patient as a whole, catering even to the patient’s family. There are high chances of multi-generation addicts amongst the high net worth individuals. To treat the patient and not the family, will only result in the relapse of addiction. The family is also involved,clinically and mentally, as is the patient.

The term rehab creates a scary vision of being locked away, alone. This is exactly what a luxury rehab busts. Even though it is away from the comfort and cravings of home, it composes an amalgamation of complacency, medicine and treatment perfect for a long term recovery. The measures taken by the staff of the rehab and the personalised programmes that arefollowed, ensure that the patient doesn’t deal with the ill after effects such as anxiety and depression. It thus takes care of the needs of patients, concern of the families as well as work life balance.


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