Why we need Godman to reach our GOD ?

Recent hackles between Baba Ram Rahim and Haryana police brings a burning question back to the burner. Why do we need Godmans to reach our GOD ? The answer lies in the plight of a nation which even after being Independent for 70 years still considers vote bank as its basic bread and butter. As a country we are held hostage by Babas and Netas  whom we need to show us light at the end of the tunnel. As rightly put by a prominent left wing Journo, Our country doesn’t lack leadership it lacks people who have any intent to lead. With more than 35 people killed and millions of rupees  burned down the aile, we should or rather our numero uno leadership should introspect as to where this country is heading 21st century to 1st century ? The question here is not mindset but a basic philosophy of whom to follow and why to follow. As rightly put by Swami Vivekananda, one should not be a blind follower to person who himself is blind. People die, property is burned, the economy takes a dent but the system tends to remain the same. We should follow our heart, yes we should but how far should one go to prove his loyalty to someone who in spite of being married, have kids, is running a business is called a saint. Is this the actual definition of sainthood ??

Our propensity to God men gets a positive nod when we see elected leadership from our community bends his knees to get that much needed blessing from the Baba in his kutiya or ‘Gufa’ as rightly said in this case. Shouldn’t the minister be charged to create a negative example in front of people who consider them as leader. The cult that we allow to exist in our society whether in the form of  a neta or a abhineta or even a baba bites us one the back but we refuse to learn our lessons.

What is more unfortunate is the fact that the same leadership which was unable to control the baba and his so called loyal disciples, gifted the same 51 lakhs  on his birthday. The source of fund , well there is a ‘well’ full  of  tax payers blood and sweat . As country of billion people, it is of high surprise that we still keep our  eyes shut on these gifts while crying for those babies who died due to lack of funds to give them medical oxygen. What is more interesting to see that ‘ache din aane wale hai’ sarkar forgot to prepare for ‘bure din’ even when the date for verdict was well planned and informed. This was not the fist instance that a baba was convicted of rape. We allow these Babas to lead our life and we find solace in them in spite of the crimes they commit.  After all we all are puppets, weak enough to not to take any responsibility of our actions and behavior.

To sum it all life would go one so would the Dera cult, News guys will make money, Babas will get audience to the tamasha they have created and the middleclass man would keep dreaming about the days when his prayers will be answered and his miseries would end. Had our government rather than giving chanda to these baba, used that funds to create rehab centers and employment for the people who follow these baba(s), they wouldn’t have reached a situation they are in now !!