Improve your job chances with these easy steps.

You’ve done considerable proofreading of your resume and added polish to your LinkedIn profile. But you’re still not getting enough call backs from the prospective employers you’ve applied to. To gain edge in today’s job market, it’s no longer enough to sit behind a screen making connections on LinkedIn. You’ve got to be creative, trying new ways connect with decision potential employers.With automated applicant tracking systems in such wide use, how you can bypass computers and connect with hiring managers we tell you –

  • Go Online– Thefirst step to making professional connections online is using career-centric social media sites like LinkedIn. Apart from crafting an attention grabbing profile, you should foster on a variety of web-based relationships. Now a days Twitter is also praised by companies as the insider’s way to get your foot in the door at a company. Do some research on companies you want to work for.
  • Connect with alumni and former colleagues – As you build connection inroads to a target company, try messaging those contacts who have already worked in the company to find out more about the company. Once you identify one or more alumni or colleague, build connections with them you’d be surprised how willing they are to lend you a hand. While alumni can tell you about insights of the company, previous colleagues have seen you before and know the value you can bring to the company. They can serve as your best help option when searching for a full-time job.
  • Commit to follow up – Do not call every day to check on your candidature and become a burden. Recruiters and hiring managers have busy schedules, but they do take note of the individuals that are judicious in pursuing employment at their company. A friendly email or voicemail is good to keep your name in their minds when they are considering who to hire for the open position.
  • Work part time – You can take up a part time job, this sure does adds to your resume and even increase your chances of landing a full-time position. You can put your knowledge to the test and enhance your skills.