How rehab centres are making this world more peaceful.

Every rehab centre has a team of doctors, nurses and therapists that together take care of the patients trying their best to help the patients. So what sets apart a luxury rehab centre from a rehab centre. It is the promise to make you feel at home, to give you your own space by not making you feel like a drug addict and above all the flexibility to treat every patient differently catering to his/her needs.

A rehab centre works best ifit’s a residential rehab. At a luxury rehab, the admitted patients are treated with the utmost care, knowing that the taste of every client is different and handling them in the same way. The staff is well trained to satiate the ego and negativity that accompanies the patient. The expert medical team is guided thoroughly by consultant psychiatrists.

The goal is to provide an ace environment for treatment. For that, engagement of the patient with the programs is a basic necessity. And we understand that, therefore encourage patients, if it helps to enhance the treatment, to work/play while keeping a tab on the boundaries. The medical team helps the patient through an intensive medical programme and the psychiatrists’ team helps the patient through therapeutic programmes along with other complimentary programmes.
Also, the growing technology is our comrade. We have affiliations with world renowned neuro-research centres and take full advantage of their cognitive studies and use them to exert the brain to fight the addiction.

The luxury rehab centre treats the patient as a whole, catering even to the patient’s family. There are high chances of multi-generation addicts amongst the high net worth individuals. To treat the patient and not the family, will only result in the relapse of addiction. The family is also involved,clinically and mentally, as is the patient.

The term rehab creates a scary vision of being locked away, alone. This is exactly what a luxury rehab busts. Even though it is away from the comfort and cravings of home, it composes an amalgamation of complacency, medicine and treatment perfect for a long term recovery. The measures taken by the staff of the rehab and the personalised programmes that arefollowed, ensure that the patient doesn’t deal with the ill after effects such as anxiety and depression. It thus takes care of the needs of patients, concern of the families as well as work life balance.


World to celebrate AIDS day on 1st Of December.

World Aids day, to be held on 1st of December , is an opportunity for people all across the world to unite and fight against the deadly disease . The day marks a special significance for the people suffering from the disease and also creates awareness among other healthy citizens about the HIV virus and how it can be prevented. It is one of the eight official health campaign initiated by World Health organization along with World Health Day, World Blood Donor Day, World Immunization Week, World Tuberculosis Day, World No Tobacco Day, World Malaria Day and World Hepatitis Day.

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS has killed more than 36 million people so far and as per a WHO estimate the same amount of people are living with the HIV virus in their system. The disease kills 2 million people every year and this rate has increase gradually.


The idea was first conceived by James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter in August 1987. 1st December was finalized at it would maximize the coverage to the cause and would augment people’s perception towards the disease. In its first two years of Inception , the theme focused purely on effects of the virus on Children and young population.

Why the day is important

Today , Scientific advancement has helped physicians across the world to treat and cure the disease if detected early or in the nascent stage . But still there are a million of people suffering from the disease and not able to afford any proper treatment. People celebrate the day by wearing a red ribbon so as to mark solidarity to the people suffering from the disease . United Nation organize various programmes across the world so that it can raise funds for the patients who cannot afford treatment of this deadly disease.

How can you contribute ?

You can also contribute to this great cause by donating some money and helping those who are reeling under the pain of this deadly virus. To donate please click on the link and help those suffering.

IT department launches an upgraded website for Tax Payers.

The IT department has launched an upgraded version of its website with better links for its tax payers. The new website http://www.Incometaxindia.Gov.In has a special tab named as Tax payers service where they can go and  get links related to PAN card , e-filling of returns and checking refunds. It also has a section where the tax payer can go and check various circulars and notification from Income Tax Department.

The website is developed and managed by National Information Centre or NIC and has improved on various features required by Tax payers to manage their return . In a statement issued by Senior IT official ” The new website has been made operational and a special section on tax FAQs for senior citizens and other class of taxpayers has also been brought out prominently.”


Volkswagen AG to launch a India Specific Sedan soon .

German Auto giant Volkswagen is planning to roll out a India specific sedan soon from Its Pune plant .The company is also planning to invest Ra 720 crore in R& D in this sector. It also plans to add more product in its protfolio of cars in India . In a statement given by Andreas Lauermann Volkswagen India Pvt Ltd, President and Managing Director , ” We are following a long-term investment plan in India and with our latest investment we have reaffirmed our confidence in this growing automotive market. With the ramp-up of the new model, we will add more manpower and also create more jobs at our suppliers’ end”.

The investment will be made towards setting up equipments and ramping up the production of new compact sedan in the near future. This is the second step of investment after the engine assembly plant a year ago. Additionally, we will continue to invest further in increasing our productivity and efficiency,” Lauermann added. The new sedan is set to launch in Auto Expo in  February next year.  The company has so far invested more than 5500 crore in India at the Pune plant since the start of its operation in 2007.

Hyundai has sold 4 million vehicle since its inception.

Hyundai motor reported on sale of 4 million vehicles in India since its inception. The company which took Indian shores 19 years ago with the launch of Hyundai Santro has come up with various popular brands like I-20 , Grand i-10 . The company is one of the top exporter for the last 10 years . It has more than 433 dealers with 1,100 service stations. Hyundai has also developed a multi million global R&D centre in Hyderabad to meet the global edge in passenger vehicle market.

According to YK  KOO , Hyundai Motor India Director ” Hyundai has since inception focussed on make in India products, made for the world” . Hyundai motor India is a wholly owned subsidary of Hyundai Motor Company . It is the largest car exporter and second largest car manufacturer in India after Maruti Suzuki . It exports to 85 destination and puts India as one of the prime market in the country.


Indian slated to be a double digit economy soon.

According to Home minister Rajnath Singh India is slated to become a double digit economic power soon. Speaking at a press conference Mr Singh said that India has become one of the hottest destination for Foreign Investors. According to him the present government has taken substantial steps to improve the economic condition of the country and followed the path set by Atal Bihari Government in 2004. Taking a dig at previous government , Mr Singh said that he was confident that India would reach a double digit growth soon and bureaucracy in financial matters was a thing of past .

But after 2004, even though there was growth initially, the momentum lost gradually. The country could not achieve the desired growth. They could not match the momentum achieved by the Vajpayee government. By 2014, the economic condition of the country further deteriorated. When the Modi government assumed charge, you all know what was the economic condition of the country. “India has become the hot favorite destination for foreign investors. I am sure in a few years, India’s economic growth would in double digit”

The government has made many structural and procedural reforms in order to crub corruption and bureaucracy from financial matters and have ensured that the government is in a path of economic growth in the coming years.

There is a sense of confidence among investors. This government means business, this government is business friendly, this government is investors friendly, a decisive government, India will soon become one of the five top economies in the world. We are trying to make common people part of the development process,” he concluded.

Emirates aims a bounty from India.

Gulf carrier Emirates is eyeing the great India travel by flying more than 85 million travelers by 2020. India is slated to be the Third largest aviation market by 2020 and Emirates want to earn the major share of traffic from here . According to Vice Chairman of the Company Essa Sulaiman Ahmad ” In the next five years, we are looking for 67 per cent growth in the number of passengers flying to and from India. We are looking for a greater chunk in the segment we operate in. We are looking for more investments in building our products to achieve the goal (of ferrying 85 million passengers).” He was speaking at a conference for Emirates contribution to Indian Economy and beyond.

Emirates has become one of the aviation giant in recent times with its gateway from Dubai. It connects to 140 destination globally from the Emirate capital and is slated to be a Aviation power house soon.

“Since the start of our operations in 1985, we have grown steadily and kept the momentum. For the next phase of growth we have kept similar plans to reach more and more people. We are happy that the government called us for participation. We have assigned specific teams for that and they will give necessary comments to the government in due time.”