How to stay focused when you feel like giving up

We all have dreams and objectives and keep on working towards achieving them. In our lives, every one of us passes through a situation where we feel like giving up on those dreams and wishes. In such situations one must know that in most of the success stories perseverance is the key factor. You may find it difficult to struck to one task after repeated failures, but trust me, that is the time when you need to show your patience. If you pass through this difficult phase, the success will be all yours.  Below suggested are some cool mantras to let go off the failures and progress towards your dreams.

  • Do not go by others success or failure story: When you hear of the success of others you may either feel inspired or dejected, and while it’s obviously more fruitful to look at other people achieving what you desire as motivation.
  • Ability to keep working in the face of failure: don’t lose your zeal after a failure and keep moving on the road to achieve success. Remember Thomas Addison who failed about thousand times before inventing the light bulb but used to say that he discovered thousand formulas that did not work in order to keep him motivated. One must follow the strategy of this sort.
  • Learn to say no: Keep aside the people, who do not want to be a part of your dream. Such individuals bring negativity and distract you from your goals.
  • Avoid Excuses and to blame others: Do not give excuses to yourself or to others. Try to get into the detail of the reasons behind the failure. Analyze them and move on.
  • Do not be in a hurry:- Haste makes waste. Take your time and do not rush. If you fail then take a break, Have your quality time and make new strategies by finding out the reasons for your failures.
  • Be positive and keep your mind alert:- Positivism is a key to success. Positivism attracts good energy and thoughts which keep you going.

So do not be disappointed by failures. They are just another step on to the ladder of success. Keep moving and success will all be yours