Volkswagen sale at an all time low after the emission controversy.

Sales of Volkswagen cars have slumped as low as 20% after the diesel emission scandal. According to a report all the cars under the iconic brands have been hit badly. In a report from Britain’s Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders new car registration increased by 3.8 % to 178, 873 I November but the Volkswagen brand of cars were badly hit. Sale of Audi brand of cars dropped by 4%, Skoda dropped by 11% and Seat was down by a whopping 24% in recent times.

The dent in the brand of Volkswagen will be difficult to recover as the car maker admitted falsifying carbon dioxide emissions deepening the biggest corporate scandal.

Other manufacturer like Ford and Vauxhall also showed a major drop in sales. The controversy has hit the market overall and the chance for its recovery is grim.

“November’s sales might have been boosted by some consumers delaying their purchases from October when the VW emissions scandal hit the headlines” said Samuel Tombs at Pantheon Macroeconomics said in a note.


Volkswagen & Audi to refund $1,000 to diesel owners in US .

Volkswagen AG US subsidiary has decided to refund $1000 to all diesel owners in US . The refund will be done in lieu to the emission scandal unearthed last month . The company in a statement said that the money will be paid in form for credit card payback . Eligible US owners of 5000 VW models are also eligible for a $500 prepaid VISA card and $500 dealership card . The company also plans to offer a three year free service to all these customers .

The move could cost VW around $500 million out of which around $200 million will be given to the dealers . There is also a plan to recall certain models which does not comply to the California’s emission norm .

As per the estimate around 482000 cars with 4 cylinder diesel engine were sold with the software that allowed the engines to pass the nitrogen oxide emission test ,