Now fly directly to Washington Via Air India.

Indian State carrier Air India is considering to start a direct flight to Washington. The move is planned to come in couple of months as Air India recently started a direct fight to San Francisco. It was the fourth US city connected directly by Air India first three being New- York  , Newark and Chicago . The move was annonunced by Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju at a function organized prior to the launc h of direct flight to San Francisco. Air India is planning on connecting as many US cities as possible and would like to earn more profit from the sector.

The direct flight to San Francisco was in huge demand and was sold out within a few days of launch . Air India used to fly to Washington via New York and also to Los Angeles but was stopped after merger of Air India and Indian Airlines in 2011.

The flight to Sanfrancisco will be one of the longest flights with a duration close to 17 hours . Air India plans to use newly bought B77-200R aircraft on this route .This will be first direct flight from Air India to the US west coast. It would help connect India to Silicon Valley directly . The flight to San Francisco will depart of Wednesday Friday and Sunday and will arrive to Delhi on Monday , Thursday and Saturday .It will have a three configuration seating plan with 8  first class, 35 business and 195 economy class seats.

Air India currently flies to 35 destinations including middle east and Australia .


Hoteltonight lays off 20% of its workforce

Sanfrancisco bases hotel rent service , Hoteltonight , has layed off 37 employees .

According to the company cofounder and CEO Sam Shank , the move was hard but necessary adding that the company is more focussed and streamlined .The layoff was done globally and was done keeping in the best interest if the company. The move comes at a time when the company revealed that it has doubled its booking from 2010 , the year when the CO was started .The company was rumored to be among the top cos of the country with an initial round of funding of $85 million .Hoteltonight focused on last minute booking and changed its strataegy in recent times to a 7 day booking .

In a statement from Shank , the company is stable and would like to dismiss anyfurther layoff rumors . The company plans to b profitable by next year.

Dropbox to Sublease its Office

Dropbox is planning to sublease 40% of its office space as it is looks forward to lease a new office for the majority of its work force based in China Bay , Sanfrancisco headquaters .The move is scheduled by early next year .In an interview to Sanfrancisco based Bizjournal , the company’s admin said that they plan to sublease 40% or 200,000 sq of theor office.

Dropbox is planning to move part of its workforce to three new locations in the nearby area . The move comes at a stage where people have started questioning the company’s business model and growth structure.Critcs have recently debated on the $10 billion valuation of the company in the recent times.With the story of sublease making news , there were some rumors of a layoff in near future although the credibility of the same could not be verified .