Khan Academy to enter India with localized content.

Khan Academy , the largest Non-Profit online education company is set to enter India with country specific curriculum. To make the move , the company has already appointed Sandeep Bapna as the country manager.

Khan Academy imparts online education to students through You tube . The non-profit  org was founded by Salman Khan who is a Harvard Alumni . Although being brought up in US Khan and his followers have roots in South Asia and are keen to start here. Salman Khan is set to visit India next month. It is interesting to note that PM Modi’s digital India campaign has generated a wave to invest in India among western businesses but this is the first non-profit organization which has shown interest to start its operation here .

According to Sandeep Bapna , the academy has already partnered with Central Square Foundation and is figuring out ways to work with state and central government in this direction.

In India the company is already popular with 45% of growth seen in the lessons  served in past three years .The company served 5.4 million lessons in 2014  as compared to 2.7 million lessons served in 2012.The company is already set to clock 8.5 million lessons this year.

With India being the 5th largest market for the academy after US,UK, Mexico , Brazil the academy hired its first North American officer in the form of Sandeep Bapna. The academy plans to a build strong team here so that they can cater the  country more efficiently.

“We’re thinking of how we can map our curriculum to local needs and how we can localise content to make it more useful here. The other aspect is access and how we could reach out to more people. Mobile would be one way for us to grow,” Bapna added in a statement given to Economic Times.

The company plans to cater the students of Government School first as they account for 60% of the total school going population of the country.