Now recieve RSS with Facebook’s new app Notify

Facebook’s new App Notify will push news , movie trailers and more informative information.The move would help facebook provide more insights and traffic to various publishers across its platform.The app is touted to be the next big release for facebook as it might augment its ad revenues .The users on Notify will be able to choose the station they want to follow and will be pushed notifications accordingly .These stations will be managed by top content publishers like NyTimes and People Magazine.

The workflow includes the addition of RSS from these news publishers and place them on various stations chosen by the users.The advanatage here for the publisher is that they will receive credit for these RSS which they used to publish it for free on their websites .Facebook is also creating a RSS feed tool which will be freely available and any publisher can use it for free.Facebook has also promised to be the only platform that matter for the big platforms. It would provide instant articles that would load faster and would provide more channels for engagement.

Many publishers like Wahshington Post have started posting their stories directly to facebook . Facebook has been one of the most important reffer to many sites in the recent times and this has reduced the ad revenues of these publishers . With these instant articles , the publishers would receive a percentage of ad revenue thereby increasing their profits.