Flights to Paris will be as per schedule : Jet airways and Indian Airlines.

State carriers Indian airlines and Jet airways have confirmed that flights to and from Paris will depart as per the schedule.Both carrier operate delay scheduled flights from Delhi and Mumbai respectively.The capital city of France was shaken by massive terror attacks on Friday in which more than 140 people are feared to be killed . After the attack the president declared the state of emergency.

Top travel agents in India have said that they would assist passengers who would like to cancel their travel from and to to Paris . In a statement issued by Makemytrip , the company’s chief of holiday business said that “We are closely monitoring the situation in Paris and are in constant connect with our concerned customers. While we have received queries, there have not been any cancelations. All our packages are in place as per schedule,”.Meanwhile the visa comapany VFS global has confirmed that they have not received any directive from the French government. Also not travel advisory has been issued by the Indian government agencies.


Its a war in Paris.

In an unprecedented attack in the French capital , atleast 120 people were reportedly killed in multiple bombing and shooting incidents . The President , Francois Hollande , declared the state of emergency and closed French borders to the outside world.

The rampage took the lives of 120 people while as many as 200 people were reportedly injured in the attack .Among those injured 80 are said to be in serious conditions. The attacks are said to be the deadliest attack in the country since the World War-II.

The gunmen slaughtered as many as 87 people attending a rock concert at the Bataclan music hall , according to the French officials.The carnage was replied back by French assualt force and eventually killed all the four reported terrorists.

The attacks were well planned at five different locations including a double sucide bombing attack in a soccer match.President Hollande was reportedly present along with the German External Affairs Minister in the stadium when the attack took place .

The American President Barack Obama issued a statement “We stand together with them in the fight against terrorism and extremism.We will do what it takes … to bring these terrorists to justice.””

According to local media Seven different locations in Paris were targeted . The biggest impact of the carnage was at the Bataclan statidum where 100 people have been reportedly killed.