UK’s royal family’s security on a all time high after UK’s fighter jets bomb Syria.

Unprecedented security measures have been taken to protect the queen and other member of the UK royal family as UK has decided to actively participate in Europe’s effort to destroy ISIS.  Of the entire clan, Prince Harry is said to be the most vunerable as served in the Afganisthan war. As per intelligence reports  UK’s capital London will be the next target of Islamic state and the all the prominent locations and personalities have been provided unprecedented security cover .

The Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge are slated to visit India this spring but it is still not confirmed whether the visit will remain intact or will cancel. In a statement issued by Dai Davies, a former head of royal protection, said: “They are unlikely to increase the number of PPOs (personal protection officers) because there is only a small pool of them, but the sort of things they will be looking at are the arrangements around royal visits, and especially the arrangements when they are travelling from A to B, which is when 90 per cent of attacks happen.

“They will be reviewing every visit to decide if it’s necessary and safe, they will be working with the intelligence agencies to go over any information about threats, and they will be looking at where they are staying overnight.

“PPOs want reaction times, so if you’re staying in a hotel you want to be high enough that you’re not on the initial approach but not so high that you’re going to get trapped. When they’re out and about it will mean extra local officers on duty and extra concentric rings of security around them.”

Mr Davis has insured that that security will be at their highest level for the Royal family and there is nothing to worry for the people of UK.


Its a war in Paris.

In an unprecedented attack in the French capital , atleast 120 people were reportedly killed in multiple bombing and shooting incidents . The President , Francois Hollande , declared the state of emergency and closed French borders to the outside world.

The rampage took the lives of 120 people while as many as 200 people were reportedly injured in the attack .Among those injured 80 are said to be in serious conditions. The attacks are said to be the deadliest attack in the country since the World War-II.

The gunmen slaughtered as many as 87 people attending a rock concert at the Bataclan music hall , according to the French officials.The carnage was replied back by French assualt force and eventually killed all the four reported terrorists.

The attacks were well planned at five different locations including a double sucide bombing attack in a soccer match.President Hollande was reportedly present along with the German External Affairs Minister in the stadium when the attack took place .

The American President Barack Obama issued a statement “We stand together with them in the fight against terrorism and extremism.We will do what it takes … to bring these terrorists to justice.””

According to local media Seven different locations in Paris were targeted . The biggest impact of the carnage was at the Bataclan statidum where 100 people have been reportedly killed.