Zite to shut down on December 7,will operate through flipboard

Personal new magazine Zite has planned to cease its operations. All data on the platform will be migrated on flip board by December 7th.All the Zite users have started receiving emails pertaining to the closure of the website. To migrate you simply have to login to your Zite app and then click on the migrate option in order to migrate to Flipboard.

The move was expected as flipboard stated implementing the Zite features like feed fine tuning .It also added  Zite’s  topic engine to improve recommendations and more.The company also added the interest graph that was used by Zite for its customers.

Zite was initially founded as a tool to deliver personalized news to readers on i-pad. The biggest USP was the personalization algorithm which gave it an edge over its competitors like Gravity , my66Sense. The company was initially acquired by CNN before flipboard got involved and decided to cease its operation