Corporate Loans in demand as companies focus on spending.

HDFC bank has said that it beginning to see green shots in Corporate loans as the companies started to borrow and spend again after two years . With governments current focus on Make in India campaign and reduction in bureaucracy  or red tape culture has shown a positive demand in the market .According to Managing Director Aditya Puri he sees an early recovery of money among automobiles . telecom and consumer goods.

“This is more working capital (demand) at the beginning, but we are starting to see term loan growth in the last month or two,” he said in an interview at the bank’s Mumbai headquarters.

He is optimistic on the current market sentiment and that he sees his bank 5 – 6 points ahead of other competitors. “There is no need to go up the risk ladder or down the margin ladder,” he said, adding HDFC Bank focuses on India’s “middle and upper middle”.