Rotten Carrot!

So after a well rested, well spent long weekend we switch on our idiot box to witness one of the most anticipated discovery in the India crime history. Baba Ram Rahim’s favorite angel, perceived mistress and one of the finest, highly talented wannabe bollywood actress was unearth by a journalist from India’s No.1 news channel. Her constant wail, her deep depressed eyes, her shining sweet cheeks gave us the impression as to how hard it was for her to survive the tiring times of her life. What a sad story to share and watch, an innocent girl has just lost her GOD father in the hands of a

With our country’s economy taking a downward spiral, we have all the time and energy to worry and think about Papa’s angel. Shame on those who objectify and project these ‘innocent law inciting citizens’ and run their useless and shameless stories.

With the attitude of Jo Dikhta hai wo bikta hai, they are not just selling these slezious and scandalous stories, these guys are selling the soul of the tax payers prime time. Nobody is interested in the money the Baba made, no one cared about the ministers and missionaries participated in the Baba funding, all what is concerned is the heroic Baba’s bedroom tales with his favorite angel. Add to that the uninspiring , romantically aroused story of her ex husband Mr Vishwas Gupta. His one minute of fame story has catapulted our imaginations as to what happened in the pious Gufa of the universe.

With the economy taking a downward spiral it is oblivious that our not so politically correct but  Apolitical news TV channel will run these stories to put a burqa on our financial conditions. Who is sponsoring, what is sponsoring, is a question which we need to think upon. Till then we should be happy eating our delicious prime time stale Gajar Ka Halwa using these rotten carrots.


True Death of a False Democracy

Gauri Lakshmi assassinated!! What strikes you the most when you hear these words is how vulnerable our society has become. Living in a tolerant country, how intolerance has brought us on the brink of societal  collapse. What amazes the most, is the fact that she was a right wing activist against the hard core Hindu hardliners who have taken upon themselves to  promote crony nationalism and religion. It proves that our society has multiple enemies within and our country’s focus should now change to ‘ache mann’ from ‘ache din’. With PM Modi choosing to remain quite, it was  upon our leader of opposition to voice his opinion on the brutual murder of democracy. Our politicians need to understand that issue like gau raksha , love Jihad has towed down the image of the largest democracy of the world. It’s high time that people who matter, take charge  our else our society would exhume under the burns and burden of religionism.  With incident like these, Brand India takes a hit and programs like Strat up India , Make in India start to loose their steam.

Weak opposition also plays a critial part here as it tells us the importance of stong opposing voice which should be heard at trying time like these. It’s time for an introspection for both the ruler and the prince before it becomes too late to cap the situation. With the expansion of Hindu hardliner base across the country, the present government should take a note of what our society is going through and why it is important for them to take charge right now.