Do you hate your job ?

There are times when you feel like no more doing your current job. It can be due to many reasons such as if the work does not please you anymore or your boss is unappreciative of your contribution to the office work. These things are of common occurrence for most of us. If you have started a feeling of boredom with your current job, you must begin searching a suitable work opportunity on time so that you are not rendered unemployed at any point of time. Here is a four point strategy which help you to undergo transition from one job to another without causing any work related stress.

  • Find out the reason for your disinterest:- you must be clear of the reason for not loving your job. If the area of work and profile does not suit you, you must make yourself clear about what you want about the new job to be like. Otherwise, the new job will not satisfy you and you will again be in the same situation.
  • Think of Salary and your needs :- Changing a job does not come easy and may take some time. Till the time you get a new job, try to take interest in your present job. If  nothing seems interesting, think of your need for a job and the bucks you earn in return. Mind it, money is the driving force these days, never run yourself out of money.
  • Do not worry about things you cannot change:- If you find your boss to be bossy all the time and unappreciative of your contribution, do not make it a reason for leaving for your job since the problem may not get solved by changing your job. It is you who has to learn to deal with different temperaments.

Search a job based on your interest:- Try to find out a job profile which is full of activities that complement your hobbies and interests. This way you ll never lose interest in a job.

If you do not enjoy your work, life will be dull! So search a job that brings cheers to you.


Brain behind google map to join Uber.

Google maps Product director Manik Gupta today announced on Linkedin that he has joined Uber as the Director of Map products. Gupta joined google in 2008 as a product manager for Google Map maker and has lead the company’s map initiative for Japan and Asia Pacific region. Gupta was promoted as a product director in 2011 and has spearheaded many feature releases in recent times.  Before joining Google , Gupta worked for HP for four years. He also had a entrepreneurial stint and co founded which was later acquired by CoShopper in 2000.

Gupta is the second big tech move to Uber in recent times. Last month Akash Garg joined the taxi hailing app as the head of their mobile and engineering department. Garg was previously working as the engineering director with twitter.

Uber has so far raised $8.2 billion and has invested aggressively in its mapping and mobile technology.It acquired a mapping startup De Carta in March this year . The company has also hired top robotics experts from Carnegie Mellon and is also funding the university for its robotics innovations.

Avinash Subba is appointed as the new sales director for Eastin Easy Kolkata.

Eastin Easy Kolkata made two new appointments with Mr Kaushik Bhaumik appointed as the General Manager and Mr Avinash Subba appointed as the new sales director. Mr Subba comes with more than 13 years of experience in the Hotel Industry. Prior to this appointment he was associated with Monotel Luxury Hotel as Assistant General Manager for Sales and Business development.

Mr Kaushik Bhaumik who was appointed as the General Manager is a Hotel Industry pioneer with more than 17 years of experience in the industry. With a natural flair for hospitality and specialization in food beverage management Mr Bhaumik brings with him an expertise which would help the Eastin Easy hotel to reach the next level.