Boeing readies dreamliner 787-10 design.

Boeing is ready with the new design of dreamliner 787 -10. The company achieved the target two years ahead of the schedule and the requirement for fabrication has been raised. This will be a major achievement for the company’s most selling aircraft.  The company plans to launch the new aircraft by 2017 and plans deliveries by 2018.

With the 787-10, we are building upon our experience and the 787-9 design itself to create this newest member of the super-efficient 787 family,” said Ken Sanger, vice president of 787 Airplane Development .Through our dedicated team and our disciplined processes, we have optimized the design for the needs of the market and are excited as we look forward to production.”

The new model will be an extension of the existing Boeing 787-9 design and plans to improve the efficiency and reduce the operational cost and risk for its production. The new design will be 95% similar to the existing one except for changes in the manufacturing process implemented by the company. The new aircraft would be able to travel 6,430 nautical miles (11,910 km) and will be 25% more efficient from the existing models.


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