Get Me A Shop now a Times Internet company.

Times Internet has acquired DIY shop creation portal Get Me A Shop for undisclosed amount. The company is 1 year old and has helped more than 1800 business to go online in recent times. GMAS , helps business create their own websites and mobile websites without any technical know how and helps merchants advertise locally .

“In the past couple of years, we have helped hundreds of customers across multiple verticals, bringing them online and helping them grow. With Times Internet, we hope to reach scale with the extensive network of businesses they work with,” said founder of GMAS Pushkal Srivastava.

“We have been observing the growth of this business since they were part of fourth batch of TLabs. We see a lot of synergies with the businesses within TIL and GMAS,” added Abhishek Gupta, head of TLabs, the incubation arm of Times Internet.

“Get Me a Shop is a full-stack platform that enables merchants across all segments participate in the ecommerce revolution in India, and we are very excited about the work the founding team has put in,” said Miten Sampat, vice president of corporate development at Times Internet

The company plans to work in the same manner it has been working since its inception and would keep its startup culture intact. This is a second major DIY shop creator after Kart Rocket.


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