Shilpa Shetty launches Viaan Mobile Phones.

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty along with her husband Raj Kundra today launched Viaan Mobile Phones. The brand is named after their three year old son Viaan. The couple launched five variants of the brand with a personalized service. The phones are priced between Rs 849 and Rs 12999.

According to Shilpa Shetty “The stats say that India happens to be the second-largest consumer of mobile phones. And that was the deal-clincher for us to even make a foray here. I’ve also heard that we buy around 2 crore phones in a month in just India and 80 percent of those phones are below 10,000 rupees. And we cater to that market. I think even if we are able to conquer around 2-3 percent, which is about 5 lakh mobiles in a month, we’ll be home and that’s what we’ve stepped out to do. For us in India, the choice was mass or class and we decided with Viaan to bring the class to the mass.”

Mr Kundra added that “I get to launch not only a mobile phone in this booming mobile phone market but it’s also on my son’s name. I’ve been part of this since inception and we’ve made sure that in this cluttered phone market, what could we do different than what’s been there and done already, We are the first Indian phone brand to launch simultaneously in seven countries”.

Viaan mobiles come with a personalized concierge service V assist that will help users 24 X 7 and offer it customers services  in  travel, entertainment, shopping, gifting and utilities – Assist will also promote services through their flagship shopping brand Raj Best Deal TV. According to Kundra “resonating with the brand name Viaan, meaning full of life and energy, we hope to provide consumers with smart phones that not only help them connect with loved ones but also take complete care of their needs. Viaan mobiles are trendy, strong and work on the latest technology”.

The phones will be initially launched in five variants V-1.8, V-Emerge, V-Empower, V-Encore and V-Eternal.


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