Paytm minted 300 crore this Diwali.

M-Commerce pioneer , Paytm sold goods woth Rs 300 crore this Diwali . The company backed by China’s Alibaba group sold goods ranging from mobiles phones to motorcycles and bicycles .The company launched in 2010 made a huge progress in online to offline mode which is touted to be the big next thing in the ecommerce Industry .In this model the consumers selects and pays online while get the delivery from the showroom. Th ecompany sold more than 500 Mahindra motorcycle with whom they have the exclusive sale contract and 1000 bicycles. The company was providing a whopping 25% cash back on the Mahindra motorcycles.

Company’s biggest selling category , mobile phones showed a 5 fold incrase in the sales as compared to the daily average sale. The devices were also sold in an online to offline mode as the company has made a tie up with the mobile store , the largest retail chain for mobile phones in the country.


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