Apple sales cross $1 Billion in India.

In a report submitted to registrar of the company’s filing , the company has crossed $1 billion in sales in India .The company increased its sales by 44% and reached a whopping 6,472,89 crore in the year ended in March this year.

As decided at the time of Incubation in India , the company did not take any dividend from the sale made . Apple INC US owns 99% of the company in India while 1% is owned by Apple Europe .Apple has  been promoting its devices here in India and releasing them closer to the launch date in India. India has been a country of great interest for Apple’s CEO Tim Cook. It can been seen that the company sold more than 1.7 million phones in India between October 2014 and September 2015.

The company also plans to open the iconic apple stores in India with partnership with Chroma. The manufacturing vendor of the company Foxconn is in plans to create a manufacturing base in India . With the soaring sale of the device the company might expedite its plans.



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