Indigo stock outshines Jet Airways

Within 8 days of listing , Indigo airlines stock gained 36% to achieve a market capitalization of Rs10,000 crores.The company has surpassed its two listed peers Spicejet and Jet airways.The stock reached at whopping Rs 1,1680 climibing 11.9% and attaining a market cap of Rs Rs 41,287.85 crore .Initially on 10th of Novemeber the day it was valued at Rs 31,648 crore.The market cap is combined to that of Jet airways 5,100 crores and spicejet 3,482 crores.

The company has the largest market share of 37.4% as on August 31, 2015. With a fleet of 98 aircrafts, 75 of them are leased the company has been able to maintain a profitable venture from the day it was incubated.It is interting to see that the company does not partner in any loyalty or miles program provided by other airlines.


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