Lockheed to build hybrid airships , gets nod from FAA

The Federal Aviation Administration approved the certification plan for the manufacture of Airships by Lockheed Martin.The approval would allow the company to work towards the commercialization of airships in the near future.

Lockeheed plans to work towards a hybrid air , surface machine which can land on water , transport heavy equipments and is highly fuel efficient.According to Lockheed’s project manager Robert Boyd “”The approval of the certification plan represents an important risk reduction milestone for our customers

The airship technology is not new and was intially built to carry cargo aroung 20 tons and were extensively used in the World War-I.These airships were fulled by helium and could travel around 600 nautical miles with a cruise speed of 40 knots.The hovering type launching pads allowed the craft to flat land both on water and on sot surfaces like sand.

According to the Lockheed it has already kicked off sales of the 20-ton hybrid airship and will deliver the first of its revolutionary aircraft by 2018.


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