IMF gets a new director , Subir Gorkan to represent the Indian subcontinent.

Former RBI Deputy director Subir Gorkaran was appointed today as the Executive director for International Monetory Fund.He will represent India , Bhutan , Sri Lanka in the IMF and work towards the economic and monetay issues of these countries.The name was proposed and cleared by the Cabinet Committe headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.Gokran will replace Rakesh Mohan served in the IMF board for three years.

The IMF board consist of 24 directors , who are appointed by the member countries and the managing director serves as the chairman of the board.US , UK , Germany , Japan are the other countries which appoint their individual directors.

Prior to this appointment Mr Gorkan was the Deputy Governor For RBI and also served as the Chief executive of the International rating committe Standard and Poor.


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