Tata Motors Sales Up by 13% in October 2015.

Tata motors showed a 13% increase in their revenue this October with sales going up . Jaguar Land Rover showed a positive sales curve with 92,949 units sold in this month .

It is a increase of 10000 units as compared to September 2015 . There was also a significant increase in the net sales of other passenger vehicles with a total sale of 61,629 units as compared to 49,977 units sold in October 2014 .The out performer of the group was Jaguar Land Rover with 29.62% growth . The sale this October were 48,468 Units as compared to 31,897 units last year in the same period .

A decrease in commercial vehicle sales by 2.27% were seen with a total of 31,320 units sold this year as compared to 32,049 units sold last year.


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